Frequently Asked Questions


What days and times are you open?

We open from 7:30am until 6:00pm all year round excluding bank holidays, Christmas Eve afternoon & New Years Eve afternoon. Our morning session is until 12:30pm and our afternoon session begins at 1:00pm.


How do I secure a place at Daisy Maisies?

Two weeks worth of fees along with your completed Enrolment Form secures your place or £200.00, whichever is the lesser amount. This is non-refundable and includes a £20 registration fee.

When are my fees due?

Fees must be paid monthly and in advance by the first day of every month. Failure to pay on time may result in late payment charges being added to your account.


What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept payment by Cash, Cheque, Standing Order, Internet/ Telephone Banking, Card Payment, Childcare Vouchers and/or National Education Grant


How are the fees calculated?

If you start part way through a month your fees are charged sessional for the first month then annualised for the following months using the formula below.

Cost per week  x  52 / 12

I have two children attending Daisy Maisies. Will I be entitled to a discount?

Yes there is a 10% discount on the eldest child’s fees.


When is my child entitled to the National Educational Grant?

All 3 and 4 year olds become eligible for the National Educational Grant the term after their third birthday. At Daisy Maisies the grant is spread over 52 weeks at 11 hours per week. Please ask the Nursery Manager for further information.


Can I claim the Two Year Old Funding at Daisy Maisies?

Yes but there are criteria that need to be met. You can either be referred to us or we can make a referral on your behalf.


Will I be charged for Bank Holidays, sickness and holidays?

During bank holidays, Christmas Eve afternoon, New Years Eve afternoon and any absence from nursery, fees are payable.


Is my child allowed to attend nursery if they are on antibiotics?

Yes provided that they have had the antibiotics for at least 24 hours and are feeling well enough to attend nursery. However we can only administer medicine if it has been prescribed by a doctor. The prescription label must be clearly showing. (In some circumstances the prescription label is on the medicine box). A consent form must be completed prior to the medicine being administered.


Can Calpol be administered to my child?

We gain prior written consent to administer Calpol in an emergency. The emergency dose will be provided by the nursery but after that we request parents/carers to provide if deemed necessary.

Calpol can be administered for a short period of time to provide relief for minor ailments. If the nursery feels that the child would benefit from medical attention rather than non prescribed medicine we reserve the right to refuse admission.

We recommend parents/carers to provide the Calpol in the sachets where ever possible.


How long does my child need to be absent if they having been vomiting or had diarrhoea?

48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.


How much notice do I need to give when leaving Daisy Maisies or changing sessions?

A full calendar months notice needs to be given in writing when leaving the nursery i.e if you give notice on the first day of the month you will be liable for the fees until the end of the month but if notice is given on the 2nd of the month you will be liable for the fees until the end of the following month. These fees apply whether or not your child attends the nursery.


Can I swap my child’s usual session?

Unfortunately due to staffing, sessions cannot be swapped. However if extra time at nursery is required then we will try to accommodate this. All extra sessions must be paid for in advance.


Can somebody other than myself collect my child?

On the Enrolment Form you are asked to provide other contacts who are authorised to collect your child along with a password and photograph. Where possible we do also ask to be introduced to any other authorised contacts. We also ask you to inform us each day if anybody other than yourself is collecting your child.


Am I required to provide spare clothes?

Yes please but could all clothes and shoes be labelled with your child’s name.


Can I bring items from home into the nursery?

Yes if you think that this will help your child to settle. However we do request that these items are kept to a minimum. The nursery will not be held responsible for any damaged or missing items.



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